Monday, September 21, 2009

" FRAME 312 "

****** my artwork is up @ Theatrikos Playhouse - 11 W Cherry Ave. Flagstaff . "frame 3/12" a collage' 42x42", also 15 mixed media artworks all titled "Sign of the Times". Wednesday the doors open @ noon- 5:pm ticket office hours for the new play "Frame 312" ! for more info e-mail or (928) 774-1662!

If I can create a work of art that has true content,it is essential that the symbols I use have relevance to mt own life.

Content can be something as concrete as color or texture, or as nebulous as feelings or emotions. Content can be narrative (telling a story) or it can be abstract (possessing its own intrinsic meaning).

It is my intent and the way I treat the subject that makes it on its own, and gives it personality. It's only natural to want to avoid those inevitable periods of uncertainty that plague us all, to face a fearful question, where do I go from here? Yet I know full well it's this very fear of the uncertain that may cause my artwork to become stale!
DEE BREWER - studio D -