Monday, September 21, 2009

" FRAME 312 "

****** my artwork is up @ Theatrikos Playhouse - 11 W Cherry Ave. Flagstaff . "frame 3/12" a collage' 42x42", also 15 mixed media artworks all titled "Sign of the Times". Wednesday the doors open @ noon- 5:pm ticket office hours for the new play "Frame 312" ! for more info e-mail or (928) 774-1662!

If I can create a work of art that has true content,it is essential that the symbols I use have relevance to mt own life.

Content can be something as concrete as color or texture, or as nebulous as feelings or emotions. Content can be narrative (telling a story) or it can be abstract (possessing its own intrinsic meaning).

It is my intent and the way I treat the subject that makes it on its own, and gives it personality. It's only natural to want to avoid those inevitable periods of uncertainty that plague us all, to face a fearful question, where do I go from here? Yet I know full well it's this very fear of the uncertain that may cause my artwork to become stale!
DEE BREWER - studio D -

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Artists all over the world speak the same language, a common visual language that we all spend a lifetime to perfect.

How our fellow artists in faraway places goes about translating their corner of the planet into works of art?

The world’s best artists and most popular art teachers will invite you into their studios to peek over their shoulders as they create their artwork.

Beginners can take heart that even the most accomplished professional artists are never satisfied.

A welcome to you all, and an invitation for you, to join and feel part of a southwest artist world of kindred spirits.

* Almost every Saturday I’ll be at the Flagstaff Fine Art Gallery in old town, 115 East Birch Flagstaff AZ. 86001….
(928- 226- 0893)

As artist in resident, I may work with soft pastels, which is ideally suited to capturing transient effects of nature because there is no need to wait for colors to dry, and there's no time-consuming mixing of colors on a palette. In extreme temperatures, when working conditions are uncomfortable outside; it’s a lovely gallery to work inside. Pastels are helpful because they are immediate, and can be used quickly to capture a fast impression of subject.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dee W. Brewer

Born and raised in Brooklyn , New York, Dee enjoyed an early exposure to and education in the world of fine art and ballet. She enjoyed visiting the many galleries and museums of the “Big Apple”.

Her early studies in art involved costume designing, drafting and textiles. She received the State of New York’s Youth Friends Association Medal of Costume Design”. While managing several business ventures and raising a family, Dee continued to study and develop her artistic talents. She demonstrated her talents in the fields of oils, watercolors, acrylics, pencil, ink, and fine art photography.

Dee explains her approach to art by saying that just as ballet opened her life expression it gave her an appreciation for all forms of music, dance and theater. Art has opened her soul to the fulfillment and understanding of Mother Nature. Since living in Southwest she feels she has been able to express her inner feelings through her fine art more freely. She is able to express through an eclectic approach her love of the Colorado Plateau and the freedom it offers. It’s evident in her multimedia art and photography.

This on-going trend is a welcome addition to various galleries along with private collectors. Dee has exhibited her multimedia fine art and photography from coast to coast with emphasis in recent years in the Southwest . She enjoys consignment art work and being a freelance photographer. She’s published in magazines and won numerous ribbons for fine art also awards including “Best of Show” also “Peoples Choice” for fine arts photography. The City of Flagstaff juried Public Art Program has selected to display Dee’s artwork for 2007/2008 and 2008/2009.

Her most recent achievements have been in the field of photography where she is able to accomplish complete control of her work by developing her own prints. Dee enjoys darkroom work because she is able to bring out those transient qualities of that capture the drama and essence of the images and reveal the mood of her subjects. She’s also experimenting with wet on wet acrylic; and now teaching a class in basic drawing, always looking for a new genre in which she can express the moods of her soul.

P.O. Box 18511 – Munds Park AZ
(928) 286 - 9088

Gallery Showings for Fine Art and Photography:

N A U Art Museum
Sedona Art Center, S A C
Coconino Center of the Arts
The Art Bran
Fire on the Mountain Gallery
The Wine Loft Gallery
Hall of Frames – Riordan Office
Mt. Living – Flag Live Gallery
Oak Creek Winery & Gallery
Artists Gallery
Old Town Gallery
Franklin Gallery
Deerwater Designs
Brandy’s Restaurant & Gallery
La Bellavia Restaurant
Dancing Monk Gallery
Flagstaff Public Library
Flagstaff City Hall & Airport
Cameron Trading Post Gallery
Sunset Gallery, Page AZ
Riatta Pass Gallery, Dewey AZ
Arthur Danners Jr. Gallery, CA
San Diego Public Library, CA
S. Stones Gallery, S.D. / CA

Publication :

Mountain Living Magazine
W. I. G. (Women In General) Magazine
Flagstaff Live
The Daily Sun
The Red Rock Review
Grand Canyon Reporter
Pinewood News
Verde Valley Newspaper

Professional Experience:

Dee is teaching a fundamental drawing class at the Adult Center , City of Flagstaff ; a new genre in which she can express her love of the Arts. Being one of the judges this last four years at the Coconino County Fair , Fine Arts Department she’s very thankful and looking forward to serve again . She supervised coordinated and established curriculum for NAU’s Elderhostel programs, emphasizing Native American Arts and Crafts. Dee has coordinated for the Flagstaff Photography Club members; photo art showing with exhibitors in the community. Worked with the Flagstaff Rodeo and Grand Canyon Reporter, also one of the founding members of the Winter Festival; developing advertising and artwork for marketing and publications. She’s donated mush of her time to her community, also many of her fine art work and photography to Northland Hospice, City of Flagstaff, and NAU’s Senior Volunteer Program’s for fund raisers; not forgetting the local churches and charities.

Awards and Shows:

Dee has won numerous ribbons and awards; most recent Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging- “ Making a Difference Award for Senior Artist 2003, Coconino County. Fine Arts Photography, Grand Canyon Forest Festival 1st and 2nd , also “ The Peoples Choice” ribbon . Coconino County Fair for Fine Arts and Photography “Best of Show”- ribbon. Art in the Parks, Wupatki National Monument, - “The Peoples Choice”- ribbon.
Art shows; on going Sedona Arts Center / member Gallery, Annual Miniature Show. Sedona Visual Artists Coalition, - educational program on aging – “Embracing Time”. Showings with the Artists’ Coalition of Flagstaff, Coconino Center of the Arts; “Appetizers for the Visual Feast”, “Open Studios”. NAU’s “ Places of the Heart”. Diablo Trust Forum for the Arts – 2004. Reflections of the Land, NAU ART Museum.
“Night Visions Exhibition”, City of Flagstaff ,
“Recycled Show”. Brandy’s (ACF) . One-woman eclectic art show Mountain Living & Flagstaff Live Gallery. On going showing with the Flagstaff Photography Club.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ball Player

Journey to Old Mexico; we took a trip down to old Casas Grandes in Chihuahua and stayed with friends for a short visit. Our friend is an artist in resident in the old town of Casas Grandes. Needless to say we went to every tacos stand and restaurant and enjoyed great margaritas. A stunning week of art and artist, touring dwellings, Museums, Heritage sites, pottery of pre-Hispanic Mimbres and Casas Grandes cultures.
Black & white photo to sepia tone, taken in old Mex.
The Ball Player was painted on a shed door in the courtyard of the hacienda we stayed at in old town. The experience of yesteryear and today was enjoyed and we sampled the southwestern flavors, of Old Casas Grandes.