Saturday, April 4, 2009


Artists all over the world speak the same language, a common visual language that we all spend a lifetime to perfect.

How our fellow artists in faraway places goes about translating their corner of the planet into works of art?

The world’s best artists and most popular art teachers will invite you into their studios to peek over their shoulders as they create their artwork.

Beginners can take heart that even the most accomplished professional artists are never satisfied.

A welcome to you all, and an invitation for you, to join and feel part of a southwest artist world of kindred spirits.

* Almost every Saturday I’ll be at the Flagstaff Fine Art Gallery in old town, 115 East Birch Flagstaff AZ. 86001….
(928- 226- 0893)

As artist in resident, I may work with soft pastels, which is ideally suited to capturing transient effects of nature because there is no need to wait for colors to dry, and there's no time-consuming mixing of colors on a palette. In extreme temperatures, when working conditions are uncomfortable outside; it’s a lovely gallery to work inside. Pastels are helpful because they are immediate, and can be used quickly to capture a fast impression of subject.

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